Riverdale Family Practice

IPAD Kiosks


Patient Engagement is enhanced with the use of IPAD Kiosks. Riverdale Family Practice is proud to announce kiosk technology. The IPAD Kiosk program is an extremely valuable tool. Many patients log into the IPAD Kiosk daily in the reception waiting area to solicit information related to their disease states as they wait to be seen or after they have seen the doctor.

An IPAD Kiosk is also available on a rolling cart in the privacy of exam rooms. Medical assistants can bring the IPAD Kiosk to the patients in exam rooms before or after they see a doctor. Once a patient is finished viewing informational material on the IPAD, the Kiosk is rolled to another exam room for the next patient to utilize the tool.

Patients can log into their Patient Portal and view their medical history before they see the doctor. It is extremely useful for the patient to engage in conversation with the doctor and medical assistant on the said diagnosis while they look up the disease state on the IPAD.

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